Baseball and Sports Banner Ideas

At the entrance of a baseball pitch, what do you see when you look around? Always, we see very large graphic cloths and materials carrying inscriptions. Do you know what they represent? They have many uses, but their main goal is to catch the attention of the audience. 

Through banners, we can get to know much about a baseball team. They tell us about the team’s identity and every other external agency associated with them. We present to you some banner design ideas that are typical for a baseball team. Get ideas for the baseball team and other sport banner designs.

Baseball Banner Ideas

Sports Team Logo Design

Every fan is familiar with their team logo. It builds club awareness and identity. Ensure that this kind of baseball team banner is visually commanding.

League Name Banner Design

Design the league name on your banner. Names printed could be Major League Baseball (MLB), American League (AL), National League (NL), Minor League Baseball (MLB), World Baseball Classic (WBC). 

Major League Baseball is ranked number two among the richest professional sports leagues. 

Sports sponsors Banner Design

Sports sponsorship has evolved over the years, and having the names of sports sponsors on the banners across the pitch is a way to fulfill partnerships and business deals with them.More than $16.5 billion is spent on sports sponsorships every year.

Baseball design containing sports sponsors’ logos advertises the companies and their products. Having the sports sponsor’s logo designed on the banner is a clever way to reach a large audience that watches the baseball games on the pitch and TVs. Brands reach hundreds of thousands of audiences within an hour of watching a baseball game.

The following are the list of sponsorships for the baseball Major League Association: Arm & Hammer, Barbasol, Bank of America, Blue-Emu, Budweiser, Camping World, Chevrolet, Clear, Doosan, MGM Resorts, Draft Kings, Evans Williams, Flonase, Geico, Good Sam, Google, Google Cloud, Hankook, The Hartford, The James, Kingsford Lysol, Mastercard, Mitel, Netspend, NTT, UTZ, and a host of other sponsors.

Fans Favourite Player Banner Design

Designing a banner with an iconic picture of an outstanding baseball player is a great way to express the fans’ love.

Baseball Team Players Sport Banner Design

The nine baseball team players arrange themselves in a perspective form with the baseball ball at the center is another creative idea for a baseball design. 

Team Slogan Design

Another great way to keep the team spirits up is by using the team slogan text as a banner. Team slogan design is a great way to keep the baseball team in solidarity.

Championship Titles Design

Having the image of all titles and tournaments won over the years is another popular design by the fans. This sports banner design gives pride and motivation to the baseball team and the club fans.

Baseball Association Banner Design 

The names of professional baseball associations printed on the design are bright ideas for a baseball banner design. Some of the association names are the American Association of Professional Baseball (AAPB), Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB), Empire Professional Baseball League (EPBL).

These associations oversee baseball leagues, which includes the lower and upper tier baseball leagues.

Team Manager Banner Design

Honor an iconic baseball team manager by creating a banner with his image. Use a clip art designed manager picture for this kind of design.

Team Symbol Design

Create a sports banner design using the team symbol. Fans can recognize a team from the team symbol.

Match Fixture Banner Design

Design the fixture of a rivalry match. Design match date on the baseball banner to remember iconic moments that happened during the game.

Number Design

Number designs are great. Numbers like the baseball team founding year and the number of championships won. A very large banner of 72 by 32 inches will be great.

Team Name Banner Design 

Having the team name written in many spots around the pitch creates a massive team identity.

Tournament Name Banner Design

Putting the name of the tournament is another important idea for a logo design. It creates awareness for the kind of baseball match played.


We have listed ideas for baseball and sports banner designs and important things to consider when creating your designs. Make sure to get a sports banner design that is motivating to the team and fans. Don’t create a non-motivating sports banner design. Learn the best ideas to create one.